Adjustment Method For Elevator Car Door
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The failure of elevator door system occupies a large proportion in the total failure rate of elevator, among which the car door mechanism is the most frequently operated system in the work of elevator, which is directly related to the safe and reliable operation of elevator. The installation process meets the design requirements and can reduce the cars' door failure.
Adjustment Method For Elevator Car Door

1、The installation of door opener, car door, safety contact plate and door knife has been completed by the installation team during maintenance, so it is no longer described.
2、The adjustment of car door is the premise of door system adjustment, only after the car door is adjusted well, only then start to align the hall door (I am so).
3、First of all, use blower to dust the car door, and then use more than 300# sandpaper to polish the car door track, so as to ensure that the car door runs flexibly.
4、Adjust the car door, must do:
①The distance between the door plate and the ground can be 4mm, and the distance between the car door and the front wall of the car is 4-6mm (not too small);
② Two car doors must be on a plane above and below. Checking method is to use steel ruler against the upper and lower ends of two door plates to see if it is flat;
③The front and side of the door plate must be vertical, so as to ensure that the center seam is closed neatly, and at the same time, after opening, it is flush with the front wall of the car. After adjusting the car door, you can manually open and close the door, and the whole process of opening and closing should be easy and smooth.
5、Adjust the contact plate and light curtain.
When the contact plate is stretched out, the amount of contact plate protrusion should be 30~50mm, and the amount of two contact plates stretched out is the same when used. Light curtain should be flush, there should be no abnormal trigger in the process of rapid door opening and closing, for the rear light curtain especially to keep clean.
6、adjust the door opening knife:
Step 1 to determine to ensure that the distance between the door knife and the hall door floor can be 7mm is good, and to ensure that this direction of vertical;
Step 2: determine the distance between the blade of the door knife and the decoupling roller of the door lock of the hall door about 7mm; overhaul the entire operation of the elevator observation, take the majority of the hall door of this gap, can be in a small range of left and right moderate translation car door assembly (this method does not apply to double synchronous door knife in the division of the double-fold door such as TD3200 car ladder door machine)
Step 3 the two sides of the door knife blade, i.e. the side that pushes the roller, must be vertical;
Step 4 check the car door in driving the hall door, the blade should not have abnormal sound.
7、Adjust the speed of opening and closing the door:
It should be adjusted under the situation that the car door drives the hall door, and the speed is controlled at about 0.70m/s, and the speed of opening the door can be appropriately faster. The acceleration and deceleration of opening and closing doors are adjusted according to different elevators. The main is the acceleration and deceleration time of the curve inflection point; the requirement is that after the adjustment, the corner of the inflection point becomes a curve, not a fold, the acceleration and deceleration of the opening and closing doors should be soft, and the opening and closing doors should not have the phenomenon of impact.

Adjustment Method For Elevator Car Door

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