Fuji Precision: UP UP UP! "Three Major Strategies" Help New Year's Breakthroughs
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Suzhou Fuji Precision Elevator Co.

Successfully re-elected

By the organizing committee of the National Government Procurement Collective Mining Annual Conference

Government Procurement Information Newspaper

Government Procurement Information Network

2023 Preferred Brand of Elevator Renewal and Reconstruction in Government Procurement

2023 Preferred Brand of Elevator in Government Procurement

2023 Trustworthy Brand of Elevator for Government Procurement

Three national awards

Injecting a strong impetus for the development of the enterprise in the new year

In the production workshop of Fuji Precision Industry, employees have all returned to their posts, and the automated production lines are running at full power to catch up for new orders. At present, the enterprise orders have been scheduled to the middle of the year, the annual output value is expected to exceed 700 million yuan. For the development of the new year, the general manager Xu Li Huo is full of confidence. "2023 our output value achieved 15% growth, this year we will 'continue to expand the overseas market' 'to expand the market share of freight elevators' 'to develop lifting platforms New Fields' three major strategies are being implemented to continuously grow the strength of the company."

In 2023, Fuji Seiko successfully established overseas operation centers in Russia and Kazakhstan, and sold more than 500 units of elevators in the two major regions of Siberia and Moscow in Russia throughout the year. This year, the enterprise will continue to cover the Caucasus region in Russia centered on St. Petersburg and the five Central Asian countries centered on Kazakhstan on this basis, and will set up new overseas operation centers in Thailand, Singapore, and Egypt, and continue to develop foreign trade markets along the Belt and Road. Xu Lihui told reporters that in 2024 they also plan to establish a new international brand in Thailand and set up new overseas factories, and the proportion of foreign trade in the total output value of the enterprise is also expected to increase from 17% last year to 23%.

Fuji Precision: UP UP UP! "Three Major Strategies" Help New Year's Breakthroughs

Since 2022, Fuji Seiko has been working on the shortcomings of the freight elevator and has carried out a technical innovation to upgrade the structure and product performance of the freight elevator in response to the problems found by users in the process of using the elevator. "For example, in the past, when a forklift operator drove a forklift to enter the elevator, he had to get out of the car to press the elevator button and then drive the forklift into the elevator. Our upgraded freight elevator can be manipulated by remote control for opening and closing the elevator door and selecting the floor, enhancing the experience of using the freight elevator." Xu Lihui said that with the new technology, Fuji Seiko's freight elevators opened up the market in 2023, with sales exceeding 3,000 units, a doubling. This year, the enterprise will continue to promote cargo elevators in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, two of the most dynamic regions in China, to achieve a new growth in the operating income of cargo elevators.

In addition to passenger elevators and freight elevators, in recent years, Fuji Precision has made multi-point blossoming, and special elevators such as explosion-proof elevators with zero spark generation during operation and bridge elevators used for engineering overhaul have occupied the market one after another, and their technology and sales volume have ranked the top in the industry; and sales volume of villa elevators entering ordinary families has continued to climb, accounting for nearly 20% of the enterprise's sales volume.2023 At the end of the year, Fuji Precision has obtained the production and sales licenses for freight elevators, and will open up new business opportunities this year. Sales license, this year will open up a new track. Xu Li Huo introduction, hydraulic, mechanical lifting platform production relying on the original production line can be realized, the market prospect is broad, is expected to annual sales can exceed 1,000 units.

Fuji Precision: UP UP UP! "Three Major Strategies" Help New Year's Breakthroughs

At the beginning of the new year, Fuji Precision, which has always been at the forefront of the intelligent transformation of digital to network connection, has invested more than 6 million yuan in a comprehensive upgrade of the automated production line for door panels, and after the raw materials enter the assembly line, it takes only 35 seconds to automatically produce an elevator door panel with fire protection function, and the safety coefficient is greatly enhanced compared with the ordinary door panels. "Next we will invest more than 6 million yuan, the production of shaft components for intelligent transformation, is expected to be put into use in the middle of the year." Xu Lihui said that the new intelligent production line of shaft components will save half of the manpower than the existing production line, and the production efficiency will be 7 times of the current one.

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