How much does a home elevator cost for a multi-storey villa?
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It is no surprise that home elevators appear more and more frequently in people's lives. But half of the main businesses are hesitant to install small home elevators. There are many brands, styles, models, etc. of small home elevators on the market, and everyone feels a certain amount of trouble when purchasing one.

Villa home elevators have become one of the most popular appliances in villas. Because the installation of a villa home elevator can solve the problem of going up and downstairs for the family, it brings great convenience to the family. However, a small number of owners still have a wait-and-see idea about villa home elevators. Some are because of the price, some are because they don’t know much about villa home elevators, etc.

When most owners choose a villa home elevator, they think that the price of a villa home elevator will be related to the floor. In fact, there are many factors that affect the price of a villa home elevator.

How much does a home elevator cost for a multi-storey villa?

In addition to the limit on the number of elevator floors, there are many factors that affect the quotation of multi-storey villa home elevators, such as design structure, door opening method, car decoration and other aspects.

The total cost of home elevator installation includes equipment fees, civil construction fees, installation fees, etc. When customizing a home elevator, civil construction costs and installation costs are also costs that cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, the installation fee and civil construction fee for trailer type and hydraulic type are about 15-25%.

According to different grades, different configurations, different performances, imported and domestically produced home elevators, the price difference will be very obvious. The prices of various types of home elevators can be roughly referenced in the following ranges.

How much does a home elevator cost for a multi-storey villa?

Economical: The price of standard equipment is around US$0.9-20,000.

Comfort: Standard equipment prices range from $20,000 to $28,000.

Mid- to high-end: standard equipment prices range from about US$28,000 to US$38,000.

This is the standard reference cost. If there are special customization requirements for the car and doors, the cost will increase accordingly, ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands.

The above is the price of home elevators. The service life of home elevators is generally more than thirty years. Considering that it will be used for a long time, friends with sufficient budget can buy better products, which can effectively guarantee the use experience. If you do not If you know, you can also contact us.

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