machine room less elevator pros and cons
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I. Advantages of machine-room-less elevator compared with machine-room elevator

machine room less elevator pros and consmachine room less elevator pros and cons

1、The advantage of machine-room-less elevator is to save space, and it can only make a maintenance platform under the main engine.

2、Because there is no need for machine room, there is a greater benefit to the building structure and cost, which makes the architects have greater flexibility and convenience in the design, giving the designers greater freedom, and at the same time, due to the abolition of the machine room, the machine room elevator is lower than the machine room elevator construction costs for the owners.

3、Because of the special characteristics of the overall design of some antique buildings and the requirements of the roof, it is necessary to solve the elevator problem within the effective height, so the elevator without machine room can meet the needs of this kind of buildings very well, in addition, in the places with scenic spots, due to the machine room in the high place of the floors, thus destroying the exotic nature of its local nationalities, if you use the elevator without a machine room, because there is no need to set up the elevator's main machine room separately, you can reduce the height of the building effectively. The height of the building.

4、It is inconvenient to set up the elevator machine room, such as hotels, hotel annexes, podiums and so on.

Disadvantages of machine-room-less elevator compared with machine-room elevator

1、Noise, vibration and limitation of use

Machine-roomless elevator hosts are placed in two popular ways: one is the host placed on top of the car, connected through the guide wheel in the shaft, no matter which way is used above, the impact of its noise is very large, because of the use of steel connections, and the noise must be digested in the shaft, coupled with the sound of the holding brake, the sound of the fan will be amplified. Therefore, in terms of noise, no room is obviously larger than the room with the machine. In addition, the rigid connection of the host, the resonance phenomenon is inevitably transmitted to the car and the guide rail, the car and the guide rail of the impact is relatively large, so the comfort of the room without machine room is significantly weaker than the room with machine. Due to the influence of these two items, the machine-roomless elevator is not applicable to 1.75/s or more high-speed ladder. In addition, due to the limited support force borne by the shaft wall, so the load capacity of the machine-roomless elevator is generally not greater than 1150 kg, too large a load capacity on the shaft wall bearing requirements are too high, and we usually reinforced concrete thickness of 200 mm, brick and concrete structure is usually 240 mm, is not suitable for carrying too much, so in 1.75m/s, 1150 kg below the trapezoidal machine room machine room can be replaced by the machine room, and large capacity high-speed elevator, the comfort is significantly weaker than the machine room, the machine room. And the large capacity of high-speed elevator, machine room elevator is obviously better than the machine roomless elevator.

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