FUJI Precision Elevator gives a gift to elevator workers
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Elevator workers, there are dangers in every day's work, safety measures can not be omitted, for the sake of the family, but also for better work, FUJI Precision elevator sends a helmet to everyone, hoping that every elevator worker can work safely.

FUJI Precision Elevator gives a gift to elevator workers

FUJI Precision elevator factory, engaged in the elevator industry for more than 20 years, has a very successful elevator production experience, on the elevator manufacturing, elevator debugging, elevator production, elevator structure are very experienced, and hope to be able to reach a global elevator practitioners to cooperate!

Join FUJI Precision, you can enjoy:

1. Free for the 1st elevator!

2. TWO-year warranty for the whole elevator, SIX-year warranty for seven main parts.

3. 7/24 hours of online technical service.

4. Customized cabins to meet regional cultural needs.

5. Elevator factory lifelong responsibility system, all technical data is kept for 20 years, and the parts can be traced for life.

6. All elevators are type-tested, all components are type-tested.

7. Send engineers to the site to guide and supervise the installation.

8. Group company annual shipments 40,000 units, FUJI brand 20,000 units.

9. Has two 108m test towers, max speed is 8m/s, max load capacity is 20 tons.

10. Open technology management makes it easier for partners.

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FUJI Precision Elevator gives a gift to elevator workers

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