FUJI Precision Intelligent elevator
FUJI Precision Intelligent elevator
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FUJI Precision Intelligent elevator

ZheJiang Passenger Elevator

Project Name:ZheJiang Passenger Elevator

Address: China
Info:630kg, MR, 1.0m/s,2 Stops,
Shaft size: 1750*1750,

Description: A new elevator with high privacy and security,Fully intelligent design, each floor can be set a password, Aluminum alloy shaft material and car frame

Add: Dade Industrial Zone,Taoyuan Town,Wujiang,District,Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China.

TEL: +86-572-3011797

Mobile Phone: +86 133 0682 2098

WhatsApp: +86 133 0682 2098

Email: fuji@precisionfuji.com

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