Started in 1999 and established in 2006, Suzhou FUJI Precision Elevator Co.,Ltd has made significant progress and achievements. The elevator industry has undergone tremendous change and development. Today, we are facing new opportunities and challenges.


Processing and production of elevator spare parts (supporting)
Elevator installation and maintenance services are started.


FUSIJG was officially established.


The company will "Strive for perfection, the pursuit of excellence" As the company's development concept, establish the whole Work ideas, laying the foundation for the company's development in the next 10 years.


The company expanded the production scale, in the plant area, and purchased 100 mu of new land as a factory building.


The company's new production base is put into operation Suzhou Wujiang District People's government held a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony for Fuji Elevator


In November, the company's production exceeded 20,000 units. and a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for Fuji Elevator by the People's Government of Wujiang District, Suzhou.


TILSON was officially established. The president of the company was repeatedly invited to attend the interview program of the local TV station in Suzhou.


In January, the company deployed branch development strategy in more than 30 cities nationwide and put forward the elevator 4s service concept for the first time.
In July, the company signed strategic partnership with Nanjing University of Technology and China University of Mining and Technology for school-enterprise cooperation respectively.


In July the registered capital of the company increased to 308 million RMB.
In December, the chairman of the company was interviewed exclusively by, and other internet media.


The production base in Nanxun District, Huzhou City was completed and put into operation, covering an area of 110 mu. International Industry 4.0 standard.


Fuji Elevator was awarded "one of the  ten  influential elevator brands in China in the past five years.


Passenger elevator: 1600kg, 8.0m/s
Escalator : Rise-15.6 meters
Freight elevator :10000 kg
Mass production


FUJI Precision-FUJI Starlink plan

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